Network Setup - Network Installation

Network Setup - Network Installation

Applies to: eRAMP Standard

To run eRAMP over a network follow the software installation instructions provided at the time you downloaded your eRAMP software. Install eRAMP on one workstation. Using Windows Explorer locate the eramp.mdb file in the C:\users\public\eramp_data folder. Copy the eramp.mdb file to a new folder on a network server. Open eRAMP and go to Settings>Client and enter the full path to the new database location into the Database Directory field at the bottom of the screen and click apply. Do not install eRAMP on any other workstations at this time.

On the first workstation setup all import templates, open Settings to see all template files. Finish setup by entering all investors and other business partners.

After the first workstation has been setup open Windows Explorer. Copy all files contained in the c:\program files\eramp and c:\users\public\eramp_data folders from the first workstation to the same folders on all remaining workstations. Using this method will clone all workstations based on the first workstation setup. From this point forward each workstation will access the same database over the network. Each workstation will share investors, servicers and all other business partners. All template files will be individual to each workstation. Individual workstation templates may be changed to accommodate data importing into eRAMP from a variety of systems. For example; when converting from one LOS to anther LOS one eRAMP workstation could be setup to work with the old system and another workstation could be setup to work with the new LOS. This is especially helpful if the export files are different from each of the two systems.

If the eRAMP.exe file will be installed on a network drive in a shared folder with a link from the user's desktop to the eRAMP.exe file a logic drive must be mapped from the user's computer to the folder where eRAMP will be installed.

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